Early September, two Agents from More Estate Agent’s, Michael Devlin and Helen Saba, brainstormed an idea. It is unlike Devlin or Saba to do anything half-way, and within moments of intense synergetic incorporation an idea was born—they were going to give away a car prize.

Once the matter was settled, they purchased the brand-new Hyundai Accent, and organised a Christmas Party at The Nook.

On Thursday 15th of December, our lovely guests arrived, delicious nibbles were served and free pouring Champaign circled the room. A free bar tab for drinks was available and all attendees were entered into the free draw for a massive door hamper.

As Devlin entertained the guests with both a heartfelt and hilarious (… and slightly long-winded) speech (he is an Irishman after all), the guests gathered to enjoy the entertainment.

Devlin is known for his generosity and support within the local community and didn’t hold back on showing his kindness, by giving away bottles of Moet, beautiful hand-made hamper packages to clients, friends and associates, along with a $1,000 check to John and Deborah, the Founders of Brisbane Motorcycle Street Food, a not for profit organisation.

Every Tuesday Devlin volunteers with Deborah and John, who make food and donate supplies to the homeless each week. The money John and Deborah spend on the homeless is from their own pockets and Devlin marks them as “… two of the most self-less people you could ever meet.” He hopes that with the growth of More Estate Agent’s he will be able to give them more next year.

At the very end of the night Devlin announced the lucky winner of the car prize, Roya Majd and Mehdi Ayaz, Saba’s more recent clients. “I have never won anything before!” said Roya, who couldn’t believe her ears. It was an amazing experience for all to be a part of.

All the prizes in the world couldn’t make a party great without the exceptional turnout of guests that attended. We hope everyone can join us again next year.

Thank you,

More Estate Agents.