Tenants: What is an emergency issue and who can you call?

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Dear Tenants,

Your safety and comfort in your rental property is important to us. As a tenant, it is often hard to know what rights and responsibilities you have and what options are available to you in an emergency situation.

Please understand what is considered as an emergency, prior to contacting our contractors, otherwise you (the tenant) will be liable to pay the fee.

The Residential Tenancy Authorities (RTA) states that emergency repairs are for:

  • A burst water service or a serious water service leak
  • A blocked or broken toilet
  • A serious roof leak
  • A gas leak
  • A dangerous electrical fault
  • Flooding or serious flood damage
  • Serious storm, fire or impact damage
  • A failure or breakdown of gas, electricity or water supply to the property
  • A failure or breakdown of an essential service or hot water, cooking or heating appliance
  • A fault or damage that makes the property unsafe or insecure
  • A fault or damage likely to injure a person, damage the property or unduly inconvenience a tenant

My office hours are 9:00am to 5:00pm, Monday to Friday. Outside of those hours, in the event of an emergency, it is required that you contact our nominated emergency repairer:


  • TMR Plumbing                                            Contact: Tyron Rathbone                  P: 0404 331 936
  • Neverman Plumbing                                  Contact: Alan Never                           P: 0416 279 237


  • SJK Electrical & Air                      P: 07 3870 9893

If you have an account issue with your gas provider, please contact them directly. However, if you suspect a gas leak,  please contact 000 immediately. It is important to educate yourself on what safety measures should be taken in the event of a gas leak, fire, storm, or issue of a similar nature.

If you cannot get in contact with our repairers, please find a suitably qualified person to make the emergency repairs (up to the value of two weeks rent). Again, please make sure your issue is an emergency prior to using our after hours service.

Lastly, please put this form somewhere safe. However, if you do lose this form, you can access it from our More Estate Agents website where I have added this form under Property Management for your convenience.

By Nikki Heindl, Business Development Manager and Property Manager at More Estate Agents.