As a seasoned renovator and licensed agent, I pride myself on having the knowledge and skills to make purchasing and selling a home as stress-free as possible.

  1. First Impressions:

As a seller, presentation is the key and first impressions make all the difference. Ensure that your front fence and lawn is well-maintained, add fresh bark to your garden, and repair and repaint walls/fences. It is minor, yet crucial details like this that will get your buyer from the front gate, to the front door.

  1. Declutter:

Most homeowners tend to accumulate special bits and pieces over time. While this is normal, and I realise that your belongings have special memories attached, it is important to pack things away and make your home grow. A home that has been decluttered looks bigger and is certainly more appealing to the purchaser. Buyers want space to envision themselves in their new home. It’s amazing how different a property can present itself with minimal effort and expense.

     *Tip: Ask a friend to walk through and give their opinion (remember, they are trying to help so don’t feel insulted). Or better still, contact me, I will be honest and have the experience to provide professional advice. As a third party with decades of professional experience I have an abundance of useful tips and ideas to make a home more appealing to buyers. It’s not about spending big, it’s about thinking smart.

  1. Decor:

Keep furnishings and decorations simple. Stay away from bold colours as they can make the wrong impression. Neutral colours and furnishings will give a homely feel. Allow buyers to imagine adding their favourite bright blue cushions, red couch, or dark grey floor mat.

  1. Odours:

 Nobody likes an unpleasant smell. Start from the front yard and work your way around to the backyard. Avoid applying fertiliser prior to an open home and definitely pick up after animals. Inside should smell fresh and clean, open the windows and let the air flow.

  1. Kitchen:

 Wash the dishes and pack them away. Try for a minimalist approach, leave the bench tops clear and clean and ensure the sink and taps are shiny.

  1. Expectations:

 Set realistic price expectations for your home. It is important to keep up-to-date with the current market. Setting the price too high can scare away potential buyers that might have paid a premium price for your home.


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